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Being a boss isn’t always easy. Respect is in short supply some days. Nevertheless, you have the juice now. The Juice Bougie** affirms this feeling with heady notes of blood orange, lavender, chamomile, and Himalayan bamboo.

An artisan candle as timeless and beautiful as you. And it smells good, too, coupled with a crackling wooden wick. Reminiscent of the coziest of fireplaces. This all natural virgin coconut crème wax candle comes in a collectible 8oz. gold-lined paint can featuring a Bourgeois Beauty.

Pairs perfectly with:
-a massage,
-a run on the treadmill,
-a mani/pedi,
-or an olfactory backdrop while you plan to take over the city, then the world.

Burn time: 48-56 hours

*A paint can opener is included.

AllBougie Luminaries are made with all natural coconut crème wax for a more earth and air-friendly alternative. Each candle features an in-house blend of premium fragrance, perfume, or essential oils. They are phthalate, dye, & preservative free.

**Interesting Fact for Trivia Night: Bougie means wax candle in French.


Written by Monique Saunders on Apr 24th 2020

Amazing ! The smell linger all through the house. Def a keeper. The packaging is so beautiful it's like getting 3 gifts..the box..candle opener, and matches with a thank you card! Yup loyal customer indeed!!

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